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Neurology with experience and empathy


Neurology has made great progress in the development of new therapies over recent years, and I stand for a robust and well-balanced treatment of all acute and chronic neurological diseases. My clinical and scientific experience allows me to treat you according to the current knowledge of Neurology, without losing sight of you as a person.

In addition to classical medication-based therapy, I put special emphasis on non-medical recommendations, which can alleviate your symptoms or can even prevent neurological disorders. I am convinced that changing an unfavorable life style and strengthening health-conscious behavior eases a multitude of neurological complaints and positively affects the course of numerous neurological disorders.

Even in situations where specific therapeutic measures are limited, I try to point out ways to manage the disease and alleviate your symptoms.

I believe in working with other medical specialists and I have a broad collegial network both in Wiesbaden and the Rhine-Main area through my activities in Frankfurt and Wiesbaden.

0611 – 56 57 48 49